After four years of use, the wire on my MagSafe finally fray out. After searching a bit, I found that a new one costs $80!! My old memories came back: almost all accessories by Apple are rip-offs. See how low the ratings are:

I know that this can be easily fixed if you know a little soldering and have courage: the adapter is working perfectly fine, it is just the wires. I decided to DIY. There are several pretty good articles on how to open the MagSafe and how to solder it.

The following are my workflows. The first step is to open it. You can see there are two wires, in fact in my case only the black wire is broken. I don’t even need to solder.

Okay, go ahead and twist them. Use insulating tapes to wrap them tight.

Finally, reassemble it and use more tapes, since the outside layer is cut out. More importantly, strong taping help to protect another fray.

It looks a bit odd though, since the Apple product is supposed to be WHITE. Here’s how I fix it. I don’t have good tools available, so I just use whatever I have. I recalled that I have some Google stickers, and I just cut the white pieces out.

After more taping, it looks like better now. Maybe I should consider wrapping better things outside later.

Hooray! Now it is working again! In fact, I am amazed that this piece of gadget has been working for four years, daily. It is still working just fine :)

There are other common issues for this model, and they can be easily fixed. See my following posts:

If you have similar experience, do not hesitate to let me know. If you find my instruction helpful, leave a comment and share it!