爲 blog 增加 linklog 功能

less than 1 minute read

最近更新了一下鼠鬚管的配置,本來是希望寫一篇 linklog 作爲推薦的。但是發現竟然不支持!!!而官方文檔明明有提到這個功能的……

Migrating from dropbox public folder

1 minute read

Dropbox recently removed its public folder feature, which was used to host my blog’s images. I have to figure out a solution to host and fix the paths to these images…

Updating Octopress Theme

less than 1 minute read

The themes are stored in .themes/<name>, we can use the rake command to update either the source or style, as documented in the office website. However, the syntax should be more clear, i.e.,