Installing a new car stereo

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I did not realize until my car’s radio’s broken that, with less than a hundred bucks, you can buy a new Head Unit with nearly all functionality. Some note-worthy features include:

  • iPod/iPhone support. Control the iphone directly from the panel.
  • App support. This includes I-heart-radio, pandora, etc.
  • Bluetooth Audio: stream music directly from a paired device. Even supports Pandora!
  • Upgraded FM/AM support. Displays text from radio stations.

Since I never used CD, I actually decided to buy a Digital Media Receiver: JVC KD-X250BT. Since every car has a different wiring harness, we need to buy a compatible wiring harness. My car has a Double DIN design but the DMR is a single DIN one, so I actually need to buy a installation kit. The wiring setup is fun: