Responsive Image with Cloudinary in Jekyll

3 minute read

I’ve been using Cloudinary for hosting my images in this blog for a while. However, I switched to use Dropbox paper to draft my posts, as it offers awesome UI, editing features and can export to markdown without many tweaks to publish as a Jekyll ...

A few gotchas in Kramdown with MathJax

1 minute read

As I recently just migrated my blog to use jekyll + github pages, a lot of things have changed. Most notably, the markdown processor is kramdown by default. There are a few gotchas I ran into so I am writing down some notes here.

Goodbye Octopress. Hello Jekyll.

3 minute read

I have been using Octopress for blogging since 2013. Octopress is essentially a framework built on top of Jekyll, which offers vast convenient at the time, such as nice themes, automating in publishing to github, etc. I considered Jekyll a bit bar...

Write Blog Post with Dropbox Paper

less than 1 minute read

My new workflow is using Dropbox Paper so that I can easily write in WYSIWYG style (rich text), and easily export as Markdown. Very convenient.

My Octopress Blogging Flow

4 minute read

After blogging with Octopress for a while, I have already gained some insights on it, and my publishing flow has been smoother. I think it is right time to share my flow as a reference.