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Fix (ugly) Safari 7.0 not using local pac file

less than 1 minute read

I found that Safari in Mavericks is not using local proxy.pac at all. Turns out because of sandboxing, it will not allow reading file from local. A traditional solution is to turn on Web Sharing, and thus use HTTP to read the pac file such as http...

Saving $80 by Fixing MagSafe by Yourself

1 minute read

After four years of use, the wire on my MagSafe finally fray out. After searching a bit, I found that a new one costs $80!! My old memories came back: almost all accessories by Apple are rip-offs. See how low the ratings are:

Updating Octopress Theme

less than 1 minute read

The themes are stored in .themes/<name>, we can use the rake command to update either the source or style, as documented in the office website. However, the syntax should be more clear, i.e.,